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Bacanora is the most traditional drink in the state of Sonora, Mexico, just as the Tequila is the most traditional drink in Jalisco, Mexico. Bacanora has more than 300 years being produced in the state and the secrets of its elaboration have been taught through many generations.

This tradition is so important that Sonora Querida, a very traditional song, mentions Bacanora.

On November 6, 2000 the Official Gazette of Mexico published the “General Declaration of Protection to the Name BACANORA”. The former declaration appoints Sonora as the only state in which the production of Bacanora is acknowledged

Bacanora is produced from Agave Pacifica, also called Agave Yaquiana, whose scientific name is Angustifolia, a plant that grows in the Sonoran Mountain Range.



Agave Yaquiana (Angustifolia)

Bacanora, Sonora

It was in the town of Bacanora, Sonora, located in the state’s Mountain Range, at an elevation of 560 meters over the sea level, with a current population of 1,200 inhabitants, where more than 300 years ago the production of this traditional drink began. This is the reason why this drink is called Bacanora. Bacanora town is the most important producer of Bacanora, a drink whose quality and exquisite flavor is widely known. As it is said: “The Tradition is distilled”.

This drink is very much appreciated for people from all social strata, and it has become a tradition to give Bacanora as a present to many social and political personalities that have visited Sonora over the years.


Bacanora, Sonora